Kruba Chao Srivichai

Kruba Chao

Phrakhru Adul Salkit (Prapat Thanawut), the abbot of Wat That Kham, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province Opinion that Kruba Chao means a monk who has all the qualifications like Kruba. but was appointed Is the abbot or head of the Ubosot category according to the traditional Lanna Buddhist ruling system Some images may be descended. from the ruler from the royal family

In addition, Phrakhru Wisutthumkosit (Samphan Sirithamamo), the abbot of Pongchai Temple, Lamphun, also found that "Kruba Chao" can be used to call a monk with high merit as well. although not appointed to hold any position as it is called "Kruba Chao Srivichai"

Calling Lanna monks as Kruba during their lives It can always be seen in Lanna culture. but the use of the word Kruba Chao in the past was rarely found. It is a word that reflects respect. Phra Srivijaya over other monks

Evidence confirms that the Lanna people have called Phra Srivichai that "Kruba Chao" has existed since 1918 when he was 40 years old, 14 years old, as a message on a red wooden inscription. Originally, it was in the Viharn of Wat Mae Tuen, Mae Tuen Sub-district, Li District, Lamphun Province, later kept in the Abbot's cubicle. The text was written in Tham Lanna characters. Ajarn Phudet Saensa, a full-time lecturer in the Cultural Studies Program. Department of Social and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Paraphrased as follows:

“Wat Mae Puen, Kruba Chao Chee Wichaiyachana, was able to manage the construction. Born in 1918 when the Buddha Sakkarat, Chula Sukarat, had 1280, the year of biting the seed, the sixth month, Teng Meng Wan Suk."


“Kruba Luang” or “Good Chao Luang” is another group of words used to refer only to Kruba Chao Srivichai. widely as well (the villagers praise him as compared to calling Kruba Luang of Wat Fai Hin who is the Patriarch of Chiang Mai) is commended as a teacher of all teachers There are also communities in many districts such as Yi people, Mae Tha, Thung Hua Chang, Serm Ngam Phan, Mae Jai, etc. They all call him "Kruba Luang" as well.

These two words "Kruba Chao" and "Kruba Luang" are used interchangeably. It is a word that originated at the same time, and is also a term from the Lanna Sangha and Lanna people in general. It is considered to honor Kruba Chao Srivichai. to be above the other monks

Kruba Tan Boon or Saint of Lanna

"Kruba Tan Boon" or write "Ton Boon" (meaning the person who has merit) in the central language called "Saint" which is a symbol Kruba Chao Srivichai has been known for almost a century as "Saint of Lanna"

Compare the word "ton merit" with the tradition of naming monks in Kengtung. It was found that in Kengtung, there was another social position. that is the center of the minds of the people not just a house or a particular city that's the position "Chao Ton Boon" is used to call monks and novices who behave well. have practiced properly throughout the ordination period, the word "Nor Ton Boon" can be compared to "Ton Boon" or "Kruba Tan Boon".

The concept of "ton merit" of the Lanna people is considered a great religious ideology. inherited from Mahayana Buddhism that has come into the mix with the local Theravada Buddhism There is a belief that Buddhism will deteriorate over a period of 5,000 years, but there will be a "bun tree" that will come to help save Buddhism in times of crisis in the country. Prophecies from the past of the Buddha before, and in this life, the "bun tree" will be born as a monk with special characteristics. is to be strict in the precepts have the ability to create religious works to be accomplished causing devotion to all groups can be the center of the minds of people of all groups which the practice Such prestige is to be born as a Bodhisattva or Buddha in the future. (Phra Sri Ariya Maitreya in this satta kappa or other future Buddhas in the future) to help the animal out of suffering in the realm of sorrow.

morality teacher

"Kruba Moral" found that in Kengtung some novices were summoned who had observances. behave unobtrusive calm I have always practiced vegetarianism. Not mischievous like other novices in general, so they are respected and loved by the people of Keng Tung, called "novices precepts". Until he became a monk, he would be called "Tuk Chao Morality".

"Kruba Moral" is another name for Lanna people. used to call Kruba Chao Srivichai due to the reason that he was determined, behaved well, did not shake, strictly kept the moral and never tire of preaching on morality and morality be a bodhisattva or asking to pay homage to helping people get out of suffering and wishing to become a Buddha in the future if compared to the context of Keng Tung therefore it is called both "Nor Ton Boon" and "Tuk Chao Morality" at the same time

However, some areas may be known under different names, such as in Phrao District. Chiang Mai Province calls him "Kruba Tanjai" or "Tuk Chao Tanjai" because he is a symbol of success. construction time Senasana completed in a short time, etc. Kruba Chao Srivijaya seal: seal the certificate of ordination and ordination for monks and novices.


The seal consists of an image of the year of birth tiger, centered in two oval circles on the outer edge of the circle. triangular wavy pattern and written in 5 languages, namely:

  • Lanna language, written in the Tham script "Kruba Si Wichaichon (Chana)"
  • In Central Thai, it is written as “Phra Srivichaichana”.
  • In Burmese, it is written as "Chi Wichaya Chana Sa Yato (Sa Ya Tor or Sayata means sage, knowledgeable, and teacher)".
  • In English, write “PRA SRIVICHAI CHANA”.
  • Chinese written in an ancient language Pronounced with Teochew accent, “Pa Si Wei (Mick) Jai Cha Na”

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