Important Kruba Chao Srivichai name

Historical documents that record the writing of his name and title. There are both that you write in your own handwriting and Have someone else write it and you sign it. by selecting only the important documents The details are as follows.

1. Letters that he sent to Phra Khru Sriwirajvachirapanya, amounting to 5 copies, 1922, with a rough legend when going to renovate the viharn of Phra Chao Ton Luang using the words "Phra Chaiyaphikku" "Phra Chaiyaphikku"

2. The book “Dharma Anisong Sila” printed for distribution in the celebration of Viharn Luang Wat Suan Dok in 1931 using the word “Phra Si Wichai”.

3. The book "Kammathan Rom", printed during the Buddhist Lent at Wat Phra Singh, BE 25432, using the word "Phra Siwichaiyachanaphikku".

4. Signatures signed in the royal merit book. to the regents in His Majesty Between 8-16 October 1935, using the word "Pasi Wichai" (written in the Lanna Thum script).

5. Signature signed in the Letter of Pledge to the Sangha at Phra Nakhon on April 21, 1936, using the word "Phra Si Wichaiyachana" (written in Dhamma Lanna script). )

5. Wood inscriptions in Phra That Pha Tang (Wat Mon That), Mae On District, Chiang Mai Province, using the word "Kruba Sriwittayachana" 7. Official documents from Bangkok since 1939, using the word "Phra Sri Wichai"

Summarize the words used to write and sign your name. There are more to study different and different. The current spelling Popular and well known will use the word "Srivichai". He is an important person of the world for a period of 150 years in the year 2028 to show his respect and faith. Therefore, the word "Kruba Chao Srivichai" in academic work and important religious and cultural activities onwards Code of Conduct

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