Qualifications of the rabbi and the name of Kruba Chao Srivichai in other names

Qualifications of Kruba in 3 items (Jarat Kosananan, 2012) 1. Monks who are very old, both in age and ordination age 2. Must practice good practices throughout the ordination period and 3. Create good things for monks. religion or restoration of religious places at the temple where he resides
Consistent with Nattapon Ojaratporn (2008) who studied the role of the saints of Lanna, it was found that Saint of Lanna is a person who plays a role in the practice that is shown to the general public and clearly tangible, that is, Kruba Chao Srivichai has practiced and persevered in prayer and discipline Follow in the footsteps of the Master with the practice Encourage your personality to be very respectable. which is a special characteristic called "Ton Boon" The strictness that appears to the general public causes faith. respect and the nature of solitude strictly in keeping the precepts and discipline Ignoring the things that shouldn't be done is the first thing that can greatly build the faith of those who see it.

The word “Kruba” began to find its use in concrete during the period of Lanna under Burmese rule almost 300 years ago. and found that the word "Kruba" was widely used in the period after Phaya Kawila revived the city of Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Sampang, which corresponds to the early Rattanakosin period.

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