Kruba Chao Srivichai said before his death.

“If we die Do not put my remains in the temple area. because it is the area of the Triple Gem Do not place the corpses that belong to the filth near a high and holy place. and don't put our bodies to the west.

of the templeThis statement reflects that Kruba Chao Srivichai is the one who has the highest respect for Phra Trairat. even your corpse who was the builder of Ban Pang Temple He still did not allow the body to be placed in the area of ​​Phutthawat or monks. For this reason, at Ban Pang Temple was born. It is customary to take off your shoes when congregants have to walk into Thaksinawat around Phra That Chedi in the district. Called Khuang Kaew, it is considered a practice until the present.

Taking off your shoes in Phutthawat is an ancient tradition of Lanna Buddhists. which Kruba Chao Srivichai is strictly Strong adherence to this tradition Even before leaving his body, he had to decisively order the disciples once more in the last days. (Lamphun People's Association, 2018, p.292)

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