Kruba Chao Srivichai answered the story. "Dharma virtues" since 1931

The Lord Buddha knew that religion could be established because the King was the patronage of Buddhism. You have deposited Religion with the King If the King and Mayor Along with the sects of the people, the people went together to keep the 5 precepts and make merit with the monks. Listen to the dharma at the temple every day and adhere to the precepts. will have the benefit of happiness in the present instant as follows:

1. When you sleep, you are happy.
2. Happy when waking up.
3. When you dream, it's good, not bad.
4. Has a reputation spread throughout the world as having mercy on the mind. The heart is the moral virtue. 5. Beloved to people and deities.

6. To what direction do you turn your head? guardian angel to encourage patrons not to be in trouble; was a man of valiant courage in negotiating
8. No enemy can think of murder.
9. No fear of any danger

10. Being free from suffering There were no prosecution cases.
11. Being conscious cheerful always smiling
12. No sorrow and longevity
13. There was joy in his heart that have done good deeds as a refuge
14. He who purifies his heart, is a deva, has closed (closed) the door of evil.
15. When he dies, he is mindful and does not panic at all. This is a unique merit, a national merit.

The city has received further as well.
16. The people and citizens have become in harmony with each other. one and the same
17. Rough-instinct gangsters saw the people as philanthropists No one trades with the guild.

Thinking ashamed and embarrassed in his heart Couldn't be the next bully would repent and be a good citizen to have morals 18. There is no aggression
19. The thief is calm.
20. It rains according to the season.

21. The seedlings are full of beauty.
22. There is no plague, that is, no flooding, no fire, no plague, no disease.
23. The citizens were happy.
24. When the country is at peace No international harassment can be disturbed. 25. The King and His Royal Highness The rulers of the country were happy.

The practice of keeping the 5 precepts It's a stepping stone. fundamentals of buddhism have merit to be happy in the present visible to the eye After he died, he was reborn in heaven. When he was born from heaven, he was born as a human being, handsome, wise, wise, possessing great wealth, longevity, had a wife and children and grandchildren. It's easy to teach No enemies can encroach. and is a factor to be happy until the end of Nirvana

Those who keep the 8 precepts will be happier in the present than the five precepts or more, that is, to lie at the temple, be a secluded body, a detached mind, peace of mind, free from vengeance, enmity, no drowsiness, no drowsiness, no despair, no disturbance, nothing. to disturb Wichikcha, without any doubt in the Dharma teachings, that is, to train and purify the mind. always as smart as a brahma When he died, he was born on the brahma floor. Happier and longer than heaven The advent time has come. Born as a human being in a noble family has a beautiful appearance Wisdom, intelligence, longevity, rank, family, great power.

Whoever observes the 5 precepts It's already noon that person became a devotee Upasika in Buddhism be wise born without loss He is wise and brings happiness to himself. better than all the wealth that exist in this world Glass jewels of the Emperor who is greater than all human beings and all the instruments of the supreme court There are glasses, rings, silver, gold, etc., as things to nourish your lust, like honey soaked in poison. for bringing sorrow upon oneself Without any benefit, the rivers of the Ganges, Yammuna, Aciravati, Mahi, Maha Sarabhu, which are the five great rivers, will not be able to wash away their sins, which is their internal troubles. can be healed, and the rain and hail, no matter how cold and how cold it may be, it cannot reach the inside to heal the suffering…..

The 5 precepts are noble wealth. the beginning of purity It is a nectar for purification, i.e. internal troubles can be healed. It is a glass stairway. for ascending to heaven As Phra Pali said

"Silayna Suktingyanti" …precepts to be blessed with happiness…
"Silena Phokasampada" …precepts to be blessed with all wealth…
"Silayna Nipputingyanti" …The precepts bring happiness until nirvana. which is truly a great happiness... "Tassama Silang Wisodaye" …That's why precepts are wonderful things. Can't find anything that can compare... As the Buddhist proverb says…
“Apphaya Pachchang Sukhang Loke” It's happiness in the world...
The teachings of the Dharma are the five precepts, which are the Thongchai Chaloem Lok. If all human beings observe the five precepts, the whole world, humans and

animals which in the world is happy Dharma is blessed The world and the Dharma that relied on each other…
Thus, the earth will become the kingdom of heaven. (The Dharma Land, the Golden Land) The tears of human beings It was a sea that flooded the world before. will dry up and disappear As the saying goes, love the nation, religion, and monarch. The country will be happy, prosperous, patriotic, religion and king. is the one who adheres to these five precepts

If a person does not have the five precepts with himself, it means he is overthrown. Dig a pit and bury it in this life. who will blame
common people don't wonder The Buddha was nirvana to perform any sacrifice did not reach the path and nirvana. therefore became a Buddha when you have reached nirvana one who practices

in accordance with the teachings of the Dharma became an arahant reach nirvana as well
If anyone foresaw that the Dharma teaching is pure truth, one can see the Buddha at any time, even if you

Still suffering Whoever does not practice righteousness will not be able to escape from suffering

Practices to get rid of suffering is to keep the sanctity first Confidence will be there.

Therefore, common people one who seeks happiness Let's keep the precepts pure. when the sacrament is pure Concentration and steadfastness will arise, and to cultivate wisdom, if it will arise, keep in mind that it is not the self, it is the four elements, the five aggregates, the symptoms, 32 unclean, suffering, old, sick. The deceased is not the one that will follow in the next world, it has been clearly seen by one's own wisdom. So he is a monk. After all desires are gone, he will become liberation. escape from suffering has become a real arahant

"Asawana ca Palanam", the state of knowing the inner fools, namely greed, anger, delusion, which is the source of suffering, not getting along with it.

"Bhittananja Discussions" The condition of being in a relationship with a sage graduate is listening to the teachings of the Lord Buddha. until I got to know the inner bully that is the cause of sin

"Pucha Cha Puchaniyanam" is a good way of worshiping and worshiping the Buddha.
"Ettivitha kammam" that these three actions
"Mangkala" is auspicious "Uttaam, auspiciousness"
the aforementioned The Buddha went to practice and create prestige for four hundred thousand great kapps. therefore attained enlightenment

know the cause of suffering Know the cause to alleviate suffering know the cause of suffering Knowing the way that leads to the end of suffering has preached to all human beings I have known how often I have seen the following notices: It is not something that can be found easily when one has no merit. had never practiced in a past life He murmured that he would find it. to bring oneself out of suffering as follows: It is a great fortune.

because all the things which are external things that cannot be taken away also rushed to find the middle this night have come to meet the Dharma teachings that recommend to those who follow released from suffering now as long as nirvana is a noble property for following every life It is ten thousand times more valuable than the wealth that we have in this world. Thus, it is a wonderful opportunity for this lifetime. which will never find a good opportunity like this again

when this time is still comfortable It shouldn't be considered a young child. If you are old then you will make merit. He is reckless and misguided because his eyes are not seeing faces. Death King has no mercy. whether young or old Even in the room, it takes it, the young one takes it, it takes it, it does not underestimate the goodbyes. because he felt he was going to die There is no escaping death. There is a problem how to prevent Let there be no sorrow when death will come should keep the precepts Make merit to give as a refuge for oneself in the past in order not to be spoiled for having been born to find good Buddhism not to have any negligence When after that happens, say by virtue of the precepts that have been accomplished just like this.


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