Kruba Khattiya, the first teacher of Kruba Chao Srivichai

Information from several documents states that Kruba Chao Srivichai ordination in the year 1892 when he was 18 years old, the motivation for the ordination came from The belief of Thai society that men should go through ordination. to have a course Dharma governs worldly life. and because Kruba Chao Srivichai is aware of the misery to be born as a human based on old karma therefore wishing to be free from suffering in order to cut off that karma Therefore, he asked for permission from his parents to leave himself as a disciple in the Lanna language, called "Kayom" and live with "Kruba Khattiya" at Wat Ban Pang.

Phra Anand Phutthamumo gave details that the villagers called "Kruba Khattiya" as "Tu Chao Khat" or "Kruba Khaeng Kyai" (Northern dialect, pronounced khaeng khae) because of her limp legs. The villagers of Ban Pang said that the reason that one of his legs was handicapped It wasn't from birth but was shot by a ranger while hiking. the greater Understand that you are a tiger that emerges from the forest.

Kruba Khattiya is not a native of Li. but from Sang-Ban Hong forest It is said that the pilgrimage came to Ban Pang. During the city new year festival in 1995, the villagers invited him to spend the Buddhist Lent in the village. Because Ban Pang has few temples and little monks, villagers help build a cubicle and a temporary viharn and call it "Wat Ban Pang". Ban Pang Temple is not a new temple, but there are traces of abandoned ancient ruins. built since the Lanna period (The former Ban Pang temple used to be below the middle of the village, now there is no temple in this area)

After Kruba Khattiya had spent the Buddhist Lent at Wat Ban Pang, he met "Inta Puen" (Kruba Chao Srivichai) who was raising buffalo in the field. therefore persuaded him to come and study the Dharma Sutras and ordination instruments with him. It does not mean that Kruba Khattiya must always be a preceptor. because during that period not appointed to have the right to be a preceptor in any way

Two volumes of information from old documents written during Kruba Chao Srivichai's life, clearly indicate that "Kruba Basana" is a preceptor. Ordination with Inta Puen as a novice, the first volume entitled “The Biography of Phra Siwichai of Wat Ban Pang” by Chao Suriyawong (Khamtan Sirorot), and the second volume entitled “The Legend of Kruba Srivichai in a Bizarre Way” at the Institute of Social Research. Chiang Mai University

These two volumes state that Kruba Chao Srivichai ordained a novice with Kruba Basana. Ban Hong Luang Temple

After the ordination was completed, he returned to stay with Kruba Khattiya again. "Obtained a Vassa, he was ordained as a novice, a teacher of Basmana at Ban Hong Luang Temple as a preceptor."

When analyzing the tradition of ordination of the Lanna people from the past, the person who will be

to be a preceptor, must be the head of the ordination hall And at that time, Kruba Basana was the head of the Ubosot Ban Hong. (Take care of the area covering the whole district of Li, Ban Hong, Thung Hua Chang) according to the Lanna Buddhist tradition. He is therefore a preceptor who has

Righteousness. Therefore, when ordaining a novice to Inta friend Kruba Khattiya would lead to Kruba Basana. Ban Hong Luang Temple but after the ordination A friend Inta still studied with Kruba Khattiya as usual at Wat Ban Pang.

The end of Kruba Khattiya's life There are very few authors. In the book of Phra Anand Buddhamamo, it states that “He went to live in a cave in the middle of the forest. Shortly after, he passed away…”

Later it was recorded in the same way that Tu Chao Khat went to another temple. Soon he died, appearing in the palm leaves, the history of Kruba Chao Srivichai. Wat Khao Taen Noi version says, "As for Kruba Khat, the rector has fled, Bo Po Moen, after a long time, has gone away."

The writings of S. Suphapha stated that “Why would it not appear? The rector of Ban Pang Temple has fled from Ban Pang. went to live in a cave in the middle of the forest, shortly thereafter, the teacher passed away.”

Noppakhun Tantikul's book states that “going out of the temple and never came back,” explaining the escape. that he went to practice meditation in the forest until his death

There is sufficient evidence to confirm that around the year 2499, Kruba Khattiya should have passed away from the chapter. Because it appears that the name of "Kruba Khampan" came to be the abbot of Ban Pang Temple for a short period of time.

Bailan at Wat Ban Pang Phueng Nueng Chaiwut Chaichana has paraphrased that "Sradet is already late. The one who pays homage to Bhikkhu Likkittaattano Written in the Pang while at Ban Thang Temple. On that day, Lae Pang when performing the Swat of Chao Tam Phan. That day, Lae Sakrat got 1261 characters, the year of bite, and the fifth month, issued 10 words, saying it was Tuesday.

From the aforementioned text indicates that the year 1261 corresponds to the year 2442, indicating that the year has an abbot named "Sawadhu Chao Khampan" is no longer Kruba Khattiya, Kruba Basana, Ban Hong Luang Temple, preceptor

Kruba Basman (Som Somno) has a full name "Kru Basmanakamwasi Maha Sangha", nicknamed "Tui" because he has a chubby body. Information from Phra Khru Pariyatrangsan (Rangsan Thirawaddano), the current abbot of Wat Ban Hong Luang, recorded that People in the neighborhood of Ban Hong popularly call him "Kruba Tui". He was born in 1950 B.E. is the son of Father Nan Ud and Mae Huan, Hong Luang villagers. The boy was ordained in 1962 and was ordained in 1870 at Ban Hong Luang Temple. He was nicknamed "Somno" to study meditation. Bali Mugajjai Thai grammar with Khrubasomdet Chetwachirapanya Maha Sangha of Wat Santonthong, Lamphun, who was descended from Kruba Kanjana Aranyawasi Maha Sana, Wat Sung Men, Phrae City

Later, he became the abbot of Ban Hong Luang Temple during 1970 - 2010 and was the head of the category. Ban Hong Province The name of Wat Ban Hong Luang, according to ancient documents, was originally written as "Wat Maha Sangkaram Sari Boonruang Ban Hong Nuea”. This name later became a model for Kruba Chao Srivichai to be named as the full name of Wat Ban Pang that he re-established. "Wat Sri Don Chai Sai Moonbunruang" and changed to "Wat Chom Sari Sai Munbunruang" later

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