Code of Conduct

Wat follows Kruba Chao Srivichai's guidelines. It is considered as a method for maintaining the balance of Buddhist elements that has 5 core areas, consisting of

  1. religion
  2. religious person
  3. ordinance
  4. religious place
  5. religious objects

Religious places and religious objects It is considered as one of the tools to promote and encourage the mind to focus on Dharma. The merits of building a temple Or giving alms with a temple is classified as "abbots" which consists of buildings. Buddhist places within the temple, such as a viharn, a sanctuary, a church, a pavilion, a monk's house, etc. This abbot is considered freer. All alms in the sutra side In contrast to "robe dana", it is considered a noble gift in the field of discipline. Any person offering alms to monks The Master said,

“A person is known for giving his age, caste, happiness, strength, and noble intentions. The giver of the temple will have the greatest enjoyment, consuming all the treasures that are pleasing in all the worlds.”

Kruba Chao Srivichai is a beautiful and strict ethical person, completely abstains from using betel nut, betel nut, and cigarettes, abstains from meat since the age of 26, and I only eat one meal. This is usually a boiled vegetable with a little salt and pepper. Sometimes it's not rice. All 5 months. Maybe I'm only the sweet potato. You also abstain from me vegetables. Sorted by 7 days:

  • Sunday
  • monday no i watermelon and cucumber
  • tuesday no i'm eggplant
  • wednesday no i basil
  • Thursday No I'm Banana
  • Friday, I'm not gray (pronounced "tao" is a type of freshwater algae. hair-like appearance, greenish)
  • Saturday not me bon

Including the vegetables that you are not mine, namely morning glory, non-vegetable vegetables, leaf vegetables, betel nut vegetables, spinach vegetables, and lettuce vegetables. (Leaf plugged young) by reasoning that

“If any monk and novice can abstain The practice of meditation will progress. The skin will be radiant, the 4 elements will be normal if the villagers can refrain from it. It will make holding a magic spell very good.”

Kruba Chao Srivichai has a desire to attain the highest dharma. As it appears from the prestige prayer that he prayed that "wishes to buy until the Dharma anchors Nirvana one thing" and often such wishes appear at the end of every palm leaf scripture that he has created.

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