Entering the umbrella

During the Bhaktiya during the Buddhist Lent at Ban Pang Boy Int, a friend, has submitted himself as a student. and when he was 18 years old, he asked to be ordained as a novice at this monastery with Kruba Khattiya as a preceptor after 3 years later (2499 B.E.), a novice friend At the age of 21 years, he entered the ordination hall at Ban Hong Luang Temple. Ban Hong District Lamphun Province with teachers Ban Hong Luang Temple a preceptor received the nickname "Siriwichyophikku" is the decree Phra Srivichai, sometimes written as Srivichai Swichai or Srivichai.

when ordained Siriwichyophikku returned to spend one more year at Ban Pang Monastery, then went to study meditation. and magic skills with Kruba Upala, Doi Tae Temple, Mae Tha District, Lamphun Province Later, he was also a disciple of Kruba of Wat Doi Kham. And another person who is considered a teacher of Kruba Chao Srivichai is Kruba Basana, Ban Hong Luang Temple. which is your preceptor

Kruba Chao Srivichai Was educated by Kruba Upala, Doi Tae temple for 1 year, then returned to the monastery, Ban Pang until 2444 (the 4th year, was 24 years old). recorded that he died) Kruba Chao Srivichai was thus acting as the abbot. And at the end of the fifth year, he became the abbot of Wat Ban Pang, and then moved the temple to a suitable place, namely the hillside. which is the location of the present Ban Pang Temple because it is a peaceful place and can practice Dharma very well by giving the name of this new temple that Wat Jom Salee Si Sai Mun Boon Rueang, but the general people still call it Ban Pang Temple. by the name of the village

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